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WOMAD: Robert Plant, Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara & Band

Born in 1966 in Basse, West Africa, Juldeh Camara is a Gambian griot and master musician, playing the Riti (one-stringed fiddle). He teams up with British guitarist Justin Adams who is a long time player of world music, as well as being the guitarist and co-writer for Robert Plant. In addition, he has produced all three of Malian desert blues band Tinariwen’s acclaimed albums.

This collaboration is an exciting over lapping of delta blues and west african Mali blues with rock mixed in. Searing fiddle riffs, ancient string grooves provide an incredible range and flexibility…it is hard to believe so much emotion can come from one string. Listening to them play off one another you can hear and feel the cultural sharing.


#RobertPlant #JuldehCamara #JustinAdams #Tinariwen #womad #MaliDesertBlues

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