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Mambo Legends Orchestra!

The former musicians of the Tito Puente Orchestra have come together again as the Mambo Legends Orchestra. The Mambo Legends Orchestra brings all of its incredible musicians together under their new name to bring their music to an international audience and to further explore the music which they have been masters of playing for over 30 years. The Mambo Legends Orchestra is led by John ‘Dandy’ Rodriguez, Mitch Frohman and musically directed by Jose Madera, each having spent over 25 years working with Tito Puente.

The focus of the band is driven by their dedication to keeping the sound of the 50′s and 60′s Palladium era music thriving and moving forward. The Orchestra has successfully kept the sound of the Big 3 (Machito, Tito Rodriguez and Tito Puente) alive and well, while allowing for its progression by working with new musical concepts.

You can check out more, read and listen to their new release “Watch Out! Ten Cuidao!” and going to Mambo Legends Website.

Here is a clip of the band at Martin Cohen’s house under his congahead video and blog series recorded December 2011.



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