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New World Citizen

The New World Citizen Band plays music drawn from the rhythmic and melodic traditions of West Africa, Cuba, Uzbekistan, Ireland and beyond, and is dedicated to communicating the unique power of each culture. The band recently performed on stage with Baaba Maal, Tinawarin, Vieux Farka Toure, performed as the backing band for Prudence Mabhena from Zimbabwe, and also does regular fundraising performances for the Whole Planet Foundation.

Fusing the Ghanain Gyil (West African Xylophone), folkloric Afro-Cuban and West African drumming, and Middle-Eastern frame drumming with Western music sensibilities, the New World Citizen Band creates an invigorating and powerful improvisational performance.


Venus Cruz - vocals

Greg Tanner Harris - Gyil (West African Xylophone), Percussion

Matt Fuller - guitar

Jonathan Stewart - sax

Jon Gray - trumpet

John Grigsby - Upright Bass

Ido Ziv - Congas, Djembe, Dundun, Shekere

Mark Emmons - Drumset

This is a performance from a Fox Theater, Boulder Colorado show which featured new songs such as; "Asa Senti", "Baby", "A La Ali" as well as band favorite, "Until the Rain Comes" by Don Cherry. It was a terrific night of music, presenting New World Citizen's approach and interpretation of the world music fusion and influences that makes this band unique.

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